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The Crazy Way I Got a Fitness Book Deal [Video]

Ever wanted to write a book? Or wondered how to get a book deal? The other day I did a Facebook Live stream about how my own book deal came about, along with my thoughts about the process. It’s below, raw, casual, and live as can be!  My... read more

How To: Flipping Tires and Pulling Cars Like a Badass

Hate cardio? Love working out outside? What if I told you I had a couple of awesome exercises that will not only get you into shape fast, burn calories like crazy (especially fat), but will make you feel incredibly badass? How about flipping tires and pulling a car or... read more

How to Get Back On Track With Fitness (and More)

Here’s a funny story: I was just writing a tip sheet for how to get back on track. You know, when it comes to fitness. And then I thought: YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE! J’accuse! Because I have been off-track with writing, which is kind of like fitness in my life. Why is it... read more

Your butt will thank me for this

I remember back in the day I used to hate doing “floor work” exercises. You know, the kind you’d see in exercise videos that didn’t seem to actually DO anything besides put you in questionable positions. Before I became a personal trainer,... read more

Running suicides on arm day, and why I have a coach

I just looked at my workout today to see what was on tap and got a few butterflies — even though it’s an “arms” day, I’m gonna be working up a sweat, because there are suicide drills involved. I’m curious to see how this goes! I... read more

When that song comes on during your cardio workout

Today was my first workout in a few days, thanks to a gross/disgusting cold that’s been making its way around. Normally in my own training regimen, I don’t call cardio on the elliptical or treadmill a “workout,” but today it counted. (For the... read more
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