In terms of training, Thursday was  a “meh” kind of day. I trained my back, and it was just OK. Nothing worth writing about. That happens sometimes. No big deal. Those “meh” workouts, the ones that you do even when you don’t really want to, are probably the most important …. nothing fancy, just getting the job done, you know?

So the workout isn’t worth writing about. What is worth writing about is a podcast I listened to before work. The podcast itself had to do with my Isagenix business. But the underlying message reaches far beyond business — it’s about giving yourself the slight edge toward success in everything you do.

How do you do give yourself the slight edge?

By working. Again, not glamorous, but it’s the little extra bits of work and diligence that make the difference between succeeding and settling.

It’s easy to occasionally skirt the edges of work. To kind-of/sort-of work. To take a break when you’re kind of tired, because you’re kind of tired, even though there are a few things you probably could/should do. It’s easy to leave things till tomorrow.

If you do that often enough, though, you’re left with a whole lot of things that didn’t get done. The person who took those few extra minutes to get those extra little things done even though they weren’t really “into it” will have an edge, yes?

Put that into something like losing weight. That one cookie isn’t going to make a difference really — that’s kind of/sort of dieting. But that one cookie several times WILL make a difference in your outcome. It’s about consistency, about willingness to do what others aren’t, about going that extra mile/foot/inch.

That’s what gives you the slight edge: the decision not to half-step your life. If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it all the way, right?

(P.S. truth: After I initially published this, I went to brush my hair to get ready for work. Shoulders and back = ouch! That back workout might not have felt stellar, but it sure did work! Glad I did it even though my head wasn’t in it.)