Training geek time! 🙂

Sometimes when I am training clients, you will see me stop dead in my tracks and look off into the distance, my head slightly tilted. That’s my, “How the heck am I going to train that movement pattern today?” look.

Almost all of my clients — except for the teenaged athletes, and I can’t really even say that for them — are busted up in one way or another. And by “busted up,” I mean they have some sort of muscle imbalance/injury/issue that screws up my training plans. (I kid! That’s why they hire me, to work AROUND those issues, right?)

And because I’m huge on functional/movement-pattern training — training for a fitter, healthier, funner life — that means I have to find ways to train movements (like picking things up) in a way that is safe and allows them to get stronger without incurring any further damage.  Also key is to let them know what a movement SHOULD feel like, and how to attend to that so when they are on their own they learn to move properly and engage the right muscles at the right time (honestly, almost a losing cause. HAHAHAHA!).

That means everyone (from my 15-year-old high school hockey star to my 73-year-old piano-playing grandmother) does the same kinds of exercises. HOWEVER, and this is the key, sometimes that means PROgressing exercises — or making them more challenging. And, more challengingly for me, I have to REgress movements (make them easier/safer). I also like to keep them interesting whenever possible so the client doesn’t get bored and continues to get stronger/fitter/etc.

I ran across this geeky column today on how that works — and why grandmoms can still train like athletes. Sort of, anyway …

(and hey, why did the original blogger pick on grandmothers and not grandfathers? hmmmm …. that’s another post for another day.)