Wake-up alert!!!

Studies show we tend to overeat foods labeled organic because we think they are healthier. Guess what? You can gain weight eating too much organic food, exactly the same way you can gain weight eating too much conventionally produced food.

That organic food likely contains fewer pesticides and chemicals, and also likely contains more minerals and other nutrients. But calories? Pretty much the same. If you take in more than you burn, you will gain weight.

Take heart, however: If you have ever found yourself eating more “healthy” or “organic” snacks, you’re not alone. Check this out.

Oh, and p.s.: those foods in the bulk bins at the grocery store? The ones you (and I) have a tendency to think are somehow “better”? Thanks to my love affair with the sesame sticks at my local Hannaford grocery store (I have memorized the bulk code – 5280) and my resulting heart palpitations at the calorie count, I did an analysis and now exercise extreme caution when approaching the bulk bins. Check it out yourself – there are very jeans-friendly options.