This week the weather felt so much colder than the temp would indicate. (Mornings in the single digits, afternoons near 20.)

But there’s a bitterness in the air that makes me want to run for cover. And I am pretty sure it’s in the actual air, not just the political climate. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂 

Anyway, a couple years ago I took a weird “spirit animal” test – not one on Facebook, heh – that was supposed to describe your animal personality.

If I were an animal, I’d be a bear. 

So, right now I’m pissed I’m not hibernating, and I want to go ravage Dumpsters for delicious junk. 

That sets the lay of the land for this week’s training journal. 

The Bear Ate My Workout Plan

First, I dumped my regular weights workouts and just decided to do fun stuff to see if I could do it. For instance, here’s my first attempt at a barbell Turkish getup, after I saw a video on Instagram.

Note: this is first thing in the morning, one cup of coffee, wearing my boots, not warmed up, and talking to myself. I am really super psyched that my shoulder let me do this, as we have been in a fight with each other for about 3 years now.

HIIT Cardio is My Friend

So, with this seasonal cruddiness, along with a tenacious cold I’ve been beating back, I’ve been focused on things that improve my mood.

And that’s cardio. Now, I’m not talking about steady-state plain-Jane cardio.

I’m talking about HIIT intervals on the Stepmill, learning and teaching Country Heat Live (which sends your heart rate up and down), along with a couple straight-up grind-it-out sessions on the elliptical. 

I’ve also been throwing in some bodyweight mobility work and “animal” moves that I learned years ago when training for a fitness show – I worked with an MMA trainer who put me through some serious conditioning workouts that included bears, gorillas, frog jumps, duck walks, and more. Oh, and somersaults too.

The thing about doing forward and backward rolls after not doing them for a few years is that it’s both scary and exhilarating, and that’s injected a fun factor into the workouts.

My core has been screaming at me a little bit as a result … and I love it.

That Diet Though …

It’s also been crazy busy. I’m juggling several different projects right now and time is in short supply.

As my mom would have said, it’s a wonder I haven’t run into myself coming around the corner.

I even overslept two days this week.

(Luckily, I’m programmed to get up earlier than necessary and also get ready for the next day before I go to bed – I didn’t miss anything important, but I did have a couple mornings that included a last-minute scramble to get out the door.)

The thing about feeling cold, fighting off a cold, and wanting to hibernate? Plus starting the day in a rush? Oh, and also there being a Whoopie Pie Cafe underneath my studio? 

Let’s just way: whoopee! 🙂 

This Week’s Agenda …

More functional HIIT workouts, meal prep, and hoping that the snow-ice event slated for the middle of the week veers off the coast.

And … drumroll … I need to come up with a special birthday workout to commemorate being alive another year. 

I’m already dreading next year’s b-day, so I gotta make the most of this one, yes?

Let’s git ‘er done …