Yay! I finally finished my first PDF book of conditioning and sculpting workouts! These 10 workouts have been field tested/tweaked/refined to get you the FASTEST, safest results possible in the LEAST amount of time.

My friend Julie — who unknowingly helped me test and refine a few of these workouts — also helped me come up with the perfect name: Triple A — abs, arms, and you know what else! — Workouts. Love it! These are the workouts my group training clients ask me for copies of AFTER their sessions.

These workouts, which sculpt your entire body, with an emphasis on the core, hips, and shoulders, also torch calories to burn fat. Combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training (using your bodyweight or light to moderate weights/kettlebells), your body is going to gobble up calories for hours AFTER the workout is finished. The workouts can be done in the gym or at home — no fancy equipment is required (some workouts require only your body!).

The workouts can be used on their own or in conjunction with a formal resistance training program (that’s how I use them!) to really kick up your results. They’re fast (30 to 45 minutes), efficient, and fun!

Order now through PayPal! $14.99 for 10 results-getting workouts. Such a deal! 🙂 (And as I’m an actual personal trainer working with real people, I’m sending these out the old-fashioned way — as soon as humanly possible after receiving payment, I’m going to email it to you. But since I’m glued to my technology, there won’t be a long wait, I promise.)