dumbbells2It’s 7:30 p.m. I’ve had a busier day than I expected — in fact, nothing went quite the way I planned. There are still about five things remaining on my to-do list, and my workout is one of them. And I just don’t feel like squeezing it in right now.

The thing is, I promised myself I’d stick with my workouts this week.

Can you relate?

I also still have to write a blog post, fill the dishwasher and walk the dog, too.

I know you’ve been right where I am. It’s the human condition, it seems. We all have a lot of demands on our time.

But I made a commitment to myself. If I start breaking those commitments, each future commitment will get easier to break. And then where will I be?

I know right where I’ll be because I’ve been there before. Have you? It’s no fun. Not being able to count on yourself for follow-through is the road to nowhere.

So this is when I let out a big sigh and remind myself that things don’t have to be done perfectly. Sometimes, they just have to get done. This is one of those times. This is how we build strength not just physically, but also by knowing that we can depend on ourselves when things get a little crazy.

Would skipping this one workout make a big difference in the long run in my fitness level? No, not at all. But it would make it easier to skip workouts — or other commitments — in the future. It’s go-time.

(I’m back. It’s 8:15 p.m. and the workout got done — I even snapped a picture at the gym, see? — and the dog has also been walked. We’re both feeling much better now.)