Did you know that how your hold your head and neck when you deadlift is super important not only for your strength but also for the health of your back and neck?

And that just a slight change in how your hold your chin can mean big (good!) changes for your core and glutes?

It’s true! I love deadlifts — in my book, they go back and forth (with pullups) between being the top 1 or 2 of all resistance training exercises. Why? Because they work your entire posterior chain — the back part of your body, which provides you with power and strength.

But because they do so much and are so awesome, they can be surprisingly tricky to master and they require your full attention to nail without injury.

Check out this Periscope video I made on a quiet Sunday afternoon at the gym, outlining one of the most common pitfalls when it comes to deadlift form: how to align your neck and head to stay safe and get strong.

Your assignment: Try this and see what difference it makes for you! Take a picture/video of your own deadlift and post it on my Facebook page  or hashtag me at #wendyfitness.