I almost didn’t post anything today because there’s nothing HUGE to report … but then again, there kind of is.

Because some weeks, HUGE doesn’t happen. And that’s ok. That’s life.

These are the weeks that advance us forward, a little at a time.


The truth is that some weeks, you’re confronted with a donut AND a muffin on the same day, and your to-do list is 20 items too long, and your old shoulder injury is acting up and you’re exhausted because it didn’t let you get a good night’s sleep and you are getting nonstop emailed/called/messaged … and all you want is a nap.

And then you eat the muffin AND the donut … both of them gooey with chocolate … in one sitting. 

But then you forgive yourself because … well, because. Sometimes it happens. 

This year I’m working on getting rid of the self-flagellation and the overthinking. 

Next time, I’ll know NOT to go through the Dunkin’ drive-through for a midday coffee when I’m tired, because then the drive-through person can’t throw a little something extra in for me (I’m seriously lucky in that regard, btw. I get free food a lot.).

(OK, OK, let’s be honest. I already knew I’d end up with a treat if I went through the drive-through. 🙂 )

The Solution for a Busy Schedule

This week was crazy-busy with work. In fact, there were a few days I don’t think I had a second of “down” time except for a little nighttime reading. 

All of the books I am reading right now mention something to do with decluttering to help you get clear on your goals (something I’m working on right now). So in addition to getting rid of the overthinking and self-flagellation, I’m going to be decluttering my office and other living spaces. I’m kind of psyched about it.

In fact, last night I completely rearranged my office/living room/kitchen, swapping out some furniture. My cat isn’t sure what she thinks of it all – here she is on top of my new standing desk.

Anyhooo …

The trick to getting your workouts done in a flash is super-setting and circuits. I’m a big fan of pairing opposing movements with each other and that’s what happened this week. 

When I do this, I try to first hit the dominant muscle first to tire it out so it can’t help with the weaker muscle (like front squats paired with Romanian deadlifts, so the quads are prefatigued and don’t try to take over for the hamstrings during the deadlifts).

That’s what this week was all about.

This Week’s Training

  • Monday: Cardio/Legs – stepmill circuits (I love mixing up double-steps with side steps, single-leg steps, etc.), treadmill side shuffles, walking lunges on the treadmill, leg press, abductor and adductor work to help with the hips.
  • Tuesday: Upper Body – Classic push-pull workout, light on the push.
  • Wednesday: Ballet/mobility; Holy COW! This workout was SO MUCH HARDER than I expected. It was pretty awesome. But I need to work on fixing the fun factor a little. I see some blog posts about this in the future.
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Dance fitness practice
  • Saturday: taught a dance fitness/yoga class. So much fun.


Hmm …. what about those macros I hinted at last week? Yeah, what about them? See muffin and donut mention above. 🙂 

YOUR Training Log?

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