The other day I realized I need to figure out what to do with this blog. It’s been lying dormant here on the internet, giving me website shame. Things have changed, a lot, since my last post. So much. 

And I’ve been listening for far too long to the experts who told me what I had to do in order to have a blog … even though it’s likely I’ve had a blog for longer than most of them have been old enough to own laptops. Plus, there’s been a great deal of business and personal betrayal, which has made me pull back on sharing basically anything. I’ve been figuring all that out and what it meant and means.

For my entire life I’ve tried really hard to color inside the lines because on a survival level I want to fit in and be a good girl. But the truth is, that’s probably not me … I get bored, I check out, I slip out the side door. So I am going to do an experiment, replicating what I did back in the days when I enjoyed blogging. Because as I’ve been musing on this blog’s future, I realized the officialization of blogging (the rules, the must-haves, the systems) is part of what killed it for me.

For a while, I’m just going to write about stuff that interests me. Stuff I find fun or helpful or “aha.” If it sticks, I’ll keep the blog. If it doesn’t, cya later gator. 

If you followed my old forever-archived blog, you know I love lists. 

5 Things for Tuesday, May 8

1. Bingeing on The Next Step on Hulu. How did this happen? And why?

2. Life is better when you have a goal or something to look forward to.
3. Sitting all day at work sucks. Fastest way to effortlessly gain weight ever.
4. Trying to turn that above thought around, into how efficient my body has become at storing energy. It’s built to survive.
5. Being able to “borrow” e-books from the library is pretty awesome.

  1. Workout

        • 15 minutes on elliptical
        • Upper body circuit (nursing a bad shoulder)
          • 4x through:
            Cable row, 10
            Straight-arm pulldown, 10
            Triceps pressdown, 15
          • 4x through:
            Dumbbell chest press, 10
            Rear delt raise, 12
            Biceps curl, 15
        • 15 minutes on treadmill, incline intervals.