Body Transformation Coaching

Complete “Strong & Sculpted” Coaching Program for Women over 40

After 40, 50, and Beyond, the Rules Change

It’s true – what used to work to keep us in shape in our 20s and 30s is no longer as effective once we reach the 40s and beyond.

But with more than 15 years of coaching and training experience, working with hundreds of clients, I can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, increase core strength, and recover your energy.

And I know I can help you because not only have I helped other do it, I also helped myself.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Belly fat
  • Loose upper arms
  • Unmotivated
  • Tired
  • Achey
  • “Fuzzy” thinking
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Cravings for sweet or salty foods
  • Insomnia
  • Your “get up and go” has left the building

I Can Help You With That!

My Story …

There aren’t (m)any “before” pix of me, because I was either the one behind the camera, or I was covered up.

This is me, doing 45 minutes or more of cardio a day along with a few total-body exercise videos a week and eating a “healthy” diet.

And it’s not like I wasn’t “in shape,” but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Online Coaching

See this picture? This is me at my first figure competition – at age 45.

Now, you might not want to compete, but it was always a bucket-list item for me. And with a low thyroid and high-stress life, I wasn’t sure it was possible.

I spent most of my fitness life as a cardio bunny, addicted to “aerobics” and sweaty high-intensity workouts that got me into good cardio shape, but I never got the aesthetic or strength payoffs I was looking for.

In fact, I always had a bit of a muffin-top and didn’t love the idea of putting on a bathing suit in public.

I’m showing you this photo to let you know that if I can work with my habits and hormones to maximize my results, so can you. It simply takes smart training and smarter nutrition. 

My Strong & Sculpted Formula combines workouts and nutrition with necessary recovery time and mindset tips to help you achieve your max results.

And you can feel fitter, stronger, and better than ever in the process!

Here I am 6 years later, competing at the age of 51 (!). Again: competing might not be for you, but I wanted to show you that it is possible to:

  1. get/stay lean,
  2. sculpt “just-enough” muscle once you’re in your mid-40s and beyond, and
  3. feel energized and strong.

I’ve been both a coach and a client in several online training programs. I have found it wasn’t always the best route when it comes to getting results. There was always a slight “disconnect.”

As a certified personal trainer for more than 15 years – and also certified wellness coach with specialist credentials in corrective exercise, fitness nutrition, and weight loss (along with about a dozen group-ex certifications) – who has trained hundreds of clients over the years, I *knew* there had to be a better way to help more people attain their goals.

That’s why I’ve designed a brand-new way of delivering fitness coaching.

My approach is more “boutique,” which means it’s CUSTOM, and goes far beyond exchanging a few emails every now and then.

  • Complete Custom Intake Process: Skype assessment screening, full intake form/phone consultation
  • Custom Workout Plans based on your equipment, available time, and experience level.
  • Custom Nutrition Guidelines, without boring meal plans (which end up backfiring anyway)
  • Biweekly Phone Consults
  • Weekly Email Check-ins
  • Daily Tips/Mindset/Motivational emails
  • More

Because lasting transformations take time, the minimum time commitment on this program is 3 months.

Boutique Approach

Here’s How It Works:

1. Brainstorm

You and I will get on the phone or Skype to figure out the best plan of action, based on your:

  1. Current fitness level
  2. Comfort with working out
  3. Available time
  4. Available equipment
  5. Importantly: YOUR GOALS

2. Make the Plan

Once we’ve agreed on the best plan of action, I’ll put together a program JUST FOR YOU, based on my 15+ years of experience. 

Then, I’ll email you a PDF (spoiler alert: an app *might* be happening!) outlining everything you need to do. You’ll have questions, so we’ll talk again so you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused.

3. Work the Plan

You’ll spring into action, with a little motivation from me via email support and more. We’ll check in at least weekly via email (and not just when you’ve been “good” … I’ll be there to keep you on-track).

Your workouts will change every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your body from adapting and your results coming, and your nutrition program will be tweaked only when necessary (for different results, plateaus, or other reasons).

Ready For Your Results?

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