8-Week Reboot Your Body Fitness Challenge

Whole foods + Kickass workouts = Fitter, stronger, leaner YOU

Reboot Starts March 21








Are you ready to get lean … and STAY lean?

This program is for you if:

  • You would like to lose 5-30 pounds of fat.
  • Want to build a strong, fit physique and feel more confident.
  • Are goal-driven.
  • Don’t do well with restrictive dieting (this not about going hungry).
  • Are ready to make a lifestyle change.
  • Are coachable.

I loved the weight loss and the inches gone from my waist. But what really shocked me was the difference in my skin and how I felt. I’m a believer now.


Fall 2015 Rebooter

Final weigh in: 16 pounds lost!


Fall 2015 Rebooter

Feeling better in SO many ways.


Fall 2015 Rebooter


Eat real foods!

You get:
 8 weeks of meal plans (dietitian approved)
No supplements to buy
Weekly grocery lists
Portion control guide
Nutrition swaps (hate chicken or broccoli? don’t eat ’em!)

Lose fat & inches!

Focus on whole foods
Optional homemade yummy smoothies!
“Detox” from sugar and processed foods
Feel better
Gain energy
Feel focused and revitalized
Slenderize! 🙂

Ensure your success!

Complete Reboot Your Body Orientation Guide
Reboot your Body Recipe Book
Goal-setting worksheet
Measurement sheet Daily inspirational emails delivered to your inbox
Private Facebook coaching group to share successes (and more recipes!)


✓ Complete, progressive 8-week workout program
✓ Specially designed cardio workouts to rev your metabolism
✓ Weight training workouts to sculpt your physique
✓ Bonus workouts to take your results to the next level
✓ Workouts can be done on your own or in a group (see below)

Frequently asked questions

The Reboot is great for healthy individuals who want to get back to a nutritious, balanced, whole-foods-based diet and who don’t have any significant limitations in terms of their activity.

That being said, if you follow a vegan nutrition plan this program will not likely work for you as it shies away from grains and includes animal proteins (chicken, turkey and fish).

If you are looking to feel energized, get back on track, lose fat and inches, and incorporate healthy foods and a solid fitness routine into your life, this is a great option for you!

The workouts are designed to be quick and efficient to optimize fat-burning while keeping your hunger levels down.

There are 5 workouts a week if your schedule allows, but there are workarounds. (Also check out the unlimited in-person options!).

More specific recommendations will be made in the private Facebook group that will be used during the duration of the challenge.


Disclosure: This program WILL include some food preparation — sorry! 🙂

But the preparations aren’t elaborate or time-consuming (maybe an hour twice a week) and there are plenty of grab-and-go options as well. By getting back to preparing our own meals, we’ll learn to appreciate fresh and delicious homemade meals again. Yum! There are some recipes I’m looking forward to sharing with you. 😀


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