So, it’s a pretty big day around here. The pic below? Those are my cats, pretending to be street toughs. See the one on the right, with the patch of white chest hair?

Yeah. That’s Eddie (his sister Alex is on the left), and he’s kind of been a pain in the butt the past few months. At first we thought it was a behavioral problem, but it turns out he actually has been sick. Last week we finally figured out the issue and now, $$$ later in vet bills and medications, he’s turning back into the little terror he was in that picture.

In fact, he just zipped between my legs as I walked toward the kitchen, because he’s angry I changed his food. 

Don’t you just hate it when your pet is sick and they can’t tell you what’s wrong? Anyway, he has feline lower urinary tract disease, which, as far as I can tell, is a pretty mysterious thing, especially in young cats like Eddie.

But at least now we know, right? My fingers are crossed that we have finally found the magic cure for him. He’s a sweet kitty when he’s not trying to murder me because he doesn’t love his food.

The Quick & Dirty Workout

So anyway, between shuttling between the vet, the fitness studio, and home, I’ve been up against it this week when it comes to finding time to squeeze in a workout.

And that’s how this “Q&D” workout came about.

Back when I was a newspaper editor, I used to assign “Q&D” stories all the time. Basically, they were stories that got the job done without a lot of flash: Just the facts, ma’am.

Today I put together a little Q&D workout for myself following that same kind of formula. Just the basics in a surprisingly effective format.

For this particular workout, I wanted to hammer the upper body but still get a little metabolic boost in there (i.e., fat-burn), so I threw in a lower-body exercise to mix things up and raise the heart rate a bit.

I also did this in a nonstop format, cycling through it with no break except for the occasional dance move when a favorite playlist song came on.

FYI: make sure you warm up with some light bodyweight exercises (arm circles, squats, modified pushups, etc) before you do this. As for me, I had just finished training 5 clients so I was already warm when it was finally my turn to work out. 🙂 

Gratuitous cat photo

The Quick Arm and Shoulders Workout

This entire workout took me less than 30 minutes, but as I mentioned above, I went through it nonstop because I wanted to get a fat-burning boost from it.

Feel free to do fewer sets and take breaks as necessary.

Circuit 1

  • 12 Flat-bench dumbbell chest presses 
  • 10 Barbell bent-over rows
  • 12 biceps curls 
  • 15 rear delt raises
  • 15 walking lunges, each side (30 total)
  • I did this 5 times through, but 3 times would be spectacular.

Circuit 2

  • 10 Goblet squats (basically, a front squat holding a dumbbell at your chest)
  • 12 Skull crushers
  • 10 Side raises
  • 10 Triceps pushups
  • Repeat for 2 to 3 times through

Quick Workouts Don’t Mean Easy Workouts

If you’re like me, if you don’t spend an hour in the gym working out you feel like a slacker. Well, that’s just silly talk.

Seriously. Try the workout above and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. My shoulders already feel nicely toasty from it, just a few hours out.