There have been many changes the past five months including these three biggies:

  • I’ve stopped training clients in person.
  • I took a new job in an old career.
  • I moved. 

It all happened very quickly. During all of it, it felt like I was pushing boulders uphill — tedious, scary and never-ending. Plus, I was unable to see beyond the boulder in front of me. 

But even though it felt like a never-ending task, it wasn’t. I’ve made it to the top of this tiny hill and I can see the landscape a little better, but is this the hill I wanted to climb?

This recent climb has been hard and humbling. Lonely. Quiet. It’s made me contemplate the nature of friendship, of connection with others, expectations and reciprocity.

I’m learning that sometimes — not always, but sometimes — it isn’t you (or me). Sometimes it is them. Sometimes it is hard to let that go, because sometimes it’s less painful to shoulder the blame.

5 Things for Wednesday May 9

1. I like how cardio makes me feel. It’s not always “cool” to like cardio … just like it’s cooler to like pizza than broccoli. But the truth is, nothing lifts the spirits quite so much as getting the heart rate up for a little while (see workout below). And let’s face it: if you’re worried about being cool (because why does that even matter?), you aren’t.

2. Dancing with the Stars athletes edition … so much fun.

3. Based on my viewing patterns, I think maybe my next personal trainer continuing education classes should be dance related, yes? I miss teaching group ex.

4. When something makes you feel anxious, do you rush headlong into it, do you sit and analyze or do you back away? What do you do when you aren’t sure you can trust your gut (because, contrary to popular belief, sometimes your gut gets bad programming and you can’t trust it).

5. I want to stay home from work this afternoon and play with the flowers that are in full bloom in my yard.


  • 15 minutes Arc trainer (elliptical), 160 strides/minute pace
  • 10 minutes Stepmill with skip-a-step intervals
  • 15 minutes treadmill incline and side-step intervals
  • 5 minute Arc trainer cooldown
  • Core sequence, 3x through:
    • 10 Roman chair back extensions
    • 10 kettlebell wood chops each side
    • 12 bench v-ins