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It’s YOUR time to shine.

Has your old fitness routine stopped working? Are you feeling bloated, tired, sore … or just plain “blah”?

This happens to a lot of women as they enter their mid-40s and 50s … you are NOT alone! I know … because I’ve been there (yes, it even happens to personal trainers and health coaches!).

I can help you regain your old fitness mojo and start getting traction again, to feel AMAZING!

You do NOT have to settle.

You DO have to outsmart your body … and that doesn’t mean “dumbed-down” workouts that leave you feeling frail.

It does mean rebalancing your body with smart nutrition and workouts that focus on getting stronger and more flexible … all through a custom-made plan that works for your body, your lifestyle, your schedule, your available equipment, AND your goals.
I’ll supply the roadmap with custom workouts, nutrition guidelines, and guide you on your journey with lots of support along the way.

Let me help you reach your goals on YOUR time!  


Just-for-you workouts based on your body, your goals, your schedule, and your likes/dislikes.


Flexible, easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines based on healthy, whole foods.


Stay on-track with regular check-ins via email/phone/Skype – to keep you moving forward and staying motivated!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We start out by communicating! Communicating is the key to a successful online program.

We begin by assessing where you are now, and where you want to go … with special attention to your short- to mid-term goals.

Basically, I ask you a ton of questions … and based on your answers, I create a workout plan for you to do on your own.

I do NOT supply meal plans (by law, only registered dietitians are supposed to do that! Plus, when you eventually go off your meal plan, what happens?! Nothing good. 🙂 ).

But as a health coach, I do provide lots of nutritional guidance and support covering everything from how much you should eat to the types of foods you should focus on. This way you are not limited to a narrow list of foods or recipes. 

Then we stay in touch on a regular basis – and when your plan needs tweaking to keep your results coming, I switch it up for you.

I’m still in “beta” phase with my coaching, which means a GREAT DEAL for you! We will meet weekly via Zoom. offer three levels of online training, with price points between $59 and $129 a month. There is a one-time $99 assessment charge to get you set up … when you get started, we’ll talk on the phone/Zoom so I can get a real feel for what you want … and then I’ll send you a staggering amount of information (kidding! I’ll help you make sense of it) so that you can hit the ground running.

  • Level 1: Workout Program & Nutrition Guidance. Weekly Zoom coaching, email access, and program updates as needed.
  • Level 2: Workout Program & Nutrition Guidance. Monthly Zoom coaching, weekly email check-ins, and monthly program updates. NOTE: this program is best for people with experienced with fitness and nutrition programs and without injuries/health conditions.

Having access to a full gym would be GREAT, but it isn’t always feasible.

You will need at least some dumbbells (probably 5-20 lbs.), as well as some resistance tubes, plus plenty of space to move your body. 

Depending on which program you want, we communicate via email, phone or Zoom (or all three!)!

Regular contact is VITAL with online coaching. I can’t help you solve a problem if I don’t know about it. 

You also can send in questions/concerns via email during the week.

Zoom conversations let us go deeper into your program, to answer more questions and help hone your results even faster.


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