What if I gave you one less reason to complain about burpees?

I mean, I’m not expecting you to actually like them (although a trainer can dream, can’t she?). But I’d settle for you hating them a little less.

Because I have a little form tweak that can help make them feel less taxing on your hips and low back. It’s subtle, but it can make a pretty big difference.

Here’s why: for most women – or anyone who doesn’t have narrow hips – the conventional way of doing burpees goes against how we’re built.

When you do a burpee, you drop your hands to the floor, shoot your legs back into a plank, and then you jump back in to stand up.

But often, it’s the jumping-in part where things get a little messed up. 

That’s because if you’re like most people, when you jump in, you land on your toes with heels up, jamming your ankles and knees, and putting a lot of strain on your hips to drop your butt down – or on your low back as you stand back up.

Generally that doesn’t feel super awesome.

How to Do a Burpee That Doesn’t Hurt

But how about if you jumped in with your feet about shoulder-width apart, or slightly wider? So that your heels could actually touch the floor – and your body is in position to stand back up with relative ease?

Much less terrible, right?

This tiny but effective tweak takes advantage of some basic engineering to work with the way you’re built.

I put together a video tutorial to help illustrate – as you’ll see the difference is minor, but it really can make a difference.

Bonus: below the video, you’ll find a workout that you can do to put your burpees to the test. This workout is definitely a keeper.

Crazy 8 Treadmill Workout

Do some dynamic stretches: lunges, arm circles, leg circles, as a warm up. Then, get on the treadmill and do 8 minutes of incline treadmill walking (at least 5 percent incline). 

Get off the treadmill and do:

  • 8 burpees
  • 8 speed skaters
  • 8 pushups
  • 8 heel click jumps
  • Then, get back on the treadmill and walk at an incline for 5 minutes.

Repeat the above circuit for a total of four times through.

Try it and let me know how it goes!