It’s snowy and cold out – but you’re nice and toasty inside, bundled up in a warm sweater.

And you really don’t want to go to the gym.

Because going to the gym means loading your gear up into the bag, trudging out to the car, driving to the gym, changing into your workout gear in a cold locker room, then getting sweaty, and then changing again (or not) before shivering on the way home.

Sounds like so much fun, right?

Well, guess what? In a couple months, the results will be fun.

Don’t skip your workouts. 

Consistency Wins the Game

I hate cold winter weather. And some days – especially days when the temp is hovering near zero and my body feels creaky – I don’t feel like working out.

But then I look around me at the people who are crushing their goals. And all of them feel good, have tons of energy, and basically vibrate with life.

Their one unifying trait? They are all consistent in their efforts, day in and day out.

Every person who has ever achieved goals has had to do things they didn’t feel like doing. 

When we were kids, we had parents pushing us along to make sure we did those things.

But as adults, we have to push ourselves – and that’s hard.

The truth is, anyone can do the workouts that they WANT to do, when it’s convenient and easy.

The Secret to Results

But it’s the workouts that you don’t feel like doing that that groove a lifestyle, which in turn creates real, lasting results and a healthy, happy body.

Plus: a workout will pretty much always lift your sagging bad-weather spirits (along with anything else that might be sagging). Exercising actually creates hormonal changes in your body that elevate your mood.

So anyway: don’t skip your workouts. Come May – and shorts and tank top weather – you’ll be glad you made the  effort.

Can you make a commitment to a certain number of workouts over the next week? What’s your number – and what are they going to be?