Get it DONE30-minute GymWorkoutTruism: as soon as you make a resolution, the universe will test it.

Starting over, week two. Guess what? The truism above played itself out.

The test of my resolve came when I had another of my crappy migraines this past weekend and it waylaid me for two stinkin’ days. That made it really hard to get in my workouts (or accomplish anything else, for that matter).

Sometimes even trainers can feel the occasional pull of the “I’ll start next week” inertia. So even though today I felt better, I almost didn’t work out. I had other things to do — in fact, I was gonna finish up another, longer blog post instead of hitting the weight room.

But then I caught myself and thought for about two seconds about my commitment to get back into “physical specimen” shape.

So I had a little talk with myself: WORK OUT. GET IT DONE.

And I am so glad I did! I feel tons better and the rest of my day was productive.

Get It Done 30 Minute Gym Workout

Here’s the workout I banged out. Next time you’re in a time (or motivation) crunch and want a sweaty metabolic resistance training workout (i.e. weights workout that also burns fat) try this, using weights that are challenging but that still allow you to use good form.

Circuit 1, 4x though, no break

Walking lunges, 20 each side (hold dumbbells for more intensity)
Lat pulldowns, 12
Dumbbell side raises, 12
Dumbbell overhead presses, 12

Circuit 2, 4x through, no break

Hip thrusts off bench, sets 1 & 2: “regular” with barbell on lap, 12 reps; sets 3 & 4, do one-legged, 12 each side
X-band tube walk, 20 steps each way
Straight-arm lat pulldowns, 12
Biceps dumbbell curls, 12
Triceps cable pressdowns, 12

What do you do when you feel workout inertia? Do you have any tips to keep yourself motivated? Let me know! (Also, see the “Reboot Your Body” 6-week clean eating challenge over there? I’m almost ready to reveal the details! Super psyched!!!! đŸ™‚