Over the years one of the top requests I’ve received from blog readers has been for 15-minute workouts.

At first I bristled at this idea because how much of a workout can you safely get in during 15 minutes? But when I sat down to create these workouts, I realized: quite a bit!

I like the 15-minute workout series I’ve created because not only are these workouts effective on their own, but if you have more time, you can mix and match to create a longer, more varied workout that hits every body part.

This workout focuses on the muscles of the core — the many muscles that comprise  your abs as well as your low back and glutes.

Depending on your fitness level, this workout could take plus or minus 15 minutes. Listen to your body and takes breaks as needed.

How to understand the workouts:

Supersets are exercises done back-to-back with no break, with a brief rest being taken at the end of the last exercise in the sequence before repeating for the allotted number of sets. Once you’re completed the sets, move on to the next superset.

If you’re doing this workout as part of a larger workout, do this one at the end (you want your core fresh and strong when you lift weights!). As always: if something hurts, don’t do it, and always check with your doctor first before starting a workout program, especially if you have health issues or aren’t sure if something works for you.

Click here for a handy PDF version of the workout that you can load onto your phone/device or keep as a hard copy.

15-minute core killer

Superset 1

  1. Double leg lifts, 10   http://youtu.be/86PZoQI7abk
  2. Cross Crawl each side, 20 each side http://youtu.be/vpM_-MCP6ko
  3. Hover with double knee drop http://youtu.be/–qUpnS4RAY
    Repeat for a total of 2 times through, rest 30-60 seconds and then proceed to:

Superset 2

  1. Ab bicycles, 30 each side http://youtu.be/N2KFWPzz6D4
  2. Double leg extension, 15 http://youtu.be/mRsjL6rgjtg
  3. Ab bicycles, 30 each side http://youtu.be/N2KFWPzz6D4
  4. Double leg extension, 15 other side
  5. Plank with shoulder tap, 10 each side http://youtu.be/r07CvL2nico
  6. Modified supermans, 10 http://youtu.be/si-xCp3rVig
    Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat for a total of 2 times through.