How many times have created the perfect plan … only to end up not following through? Whether it’s a fitness plan, a diet plan, or plans to get out of debt, organize your home, update your business or home, or improve your skillsets — many of us start out by creating big ideas and elaborate plans, but then we give up.

I’m guilty of this, too – I’m a big planner. I have lists of things I want to do, should do, could do. But a lot of times the plans just seem too overwhelming, so I put them off.

The thing is, the more often we decide to ditch our plans, the easier it is to keep taking detours.

I’m working on my follow-through muscles. Because I know this to be absolutely true: the more you follow through and keep your word to yourself to accomplish certain goals, the more apt you are to continue following through in other areas of your life.

The trick is to start with small plans so you gain confidence to tackle bigger ones. It’s like training for a marathon or a bodybuilding show: you don’t start out running 10 or 20 miles, or squatting 200 pounds. You start small, gain mastery and skill, and go for it.

Are you going to flex your follow-through muscles with me? What projects are you going to tackle?

One of mine is to grow my website so that I can help more people. I love working one-on-one with clients, but I want to help more people find the fittest, healthiest them — and my website is one way to do that. I’m working on some small plans to build this site and blog that will give me the momentum to tackle the big (still formulating) plans. (See, here’s how it works: writing this post took 15 minutes, but I’ve been thinking about it for a couple days. All that thinking and planning was nonsense. If I’d actually written it instead of mulling it, chances are it would have turned into even more posts, creating that forward motion to the bigger plans.)

So, pick a goal, and hit it! Stop making all those big plans and start taking action! Are you with me?