This is my latest favorite go-to breakfast. Super yummy and super good for you!

Berry Good Green Smoothie

Here’s the deal: I was holding out big-time against the green smoothie trend because so many of them were calorie bombs filled with sugar. Despite being nutrient-dense, this recipe is refreshing and delicious. And it’s chock full of superfoods that will make you feel awesome.

Check it out:

Kefir — even the name means “feel good” (derived from the Turkish word for “good feelings.”) It’s a probiotic, much like yogurt, but in liquid form.

Kale — it’s trendy for a reason: it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals. If you don’t like kale¬† you can use spinach or a mix of the two (that’s my favorite).

Frozen berries — high in fiber, loaded with antioxidants and low in sugar, these add delicious flavor to the smoothie while at the same time boosting the nutrition value.

Protein powder — Getting a boost of protein early in the day can help stave off hunger later, as well as giving you a muscle-maintaining boost. I like hemp protein, which is the only vegetable source of protein that contains all the amino acids necessary to form a complete protein, but whey protein is another great source.

Nutrition information:
Makes 1 serving. 290 calories, 3.5 grams fat, 5.7 grams fiber, 34 grams carbohydrates,  30 grams protein.

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