I’m going through a lot of things — literally and figuratively — as I clean out my family’s home and it’s been fun to find little memory-filled surprises. It’s also been really hard. My family, in one way or another, has lived in this house for 40 years, and I keep finding things that I didn’t know were here.

Yesterday I stumbled across my mom’s keepsake box, which I initially had thought was just a box of old photos. Nope — beneath the photos were practically every card, letter and certificate of appreciation she ever had received. It made me smile, and also have a twenty-minute spell of seriously ugly crying as I read through some of the items in the box. (I had a crushing amount of guilt over the last bit of my mom’s life, but as I looked over the items in the box, I wasn’t nearly as bad a daughter as I had thought. In fact, I think I kind of rocked at it.)

Of course, going through the belongings of someone who has died (my mom passed away five years ago) makes you think a lot about mortality. The idea of dying is not new to me, as I also lost my dad more than 25 years ago. The dying doesn’t bother me so much, it’s the summing of a life …. the things that we leave behind, the evidence that we were here …. that kind of got to me, and made me think about what matters and what doesn’t. Which is a whole other story (or book, or set of encyclopedia).

So anyway, it was a roller coaster kind of day, and last night I couldn’t sleep so I watched a TED Talk, which is one of my insomnia habits. And as often happens, I found the perfect talk to soothe me and make all the many things that are shifting in my life become fun. I want to share it with you and hope that it helps you discover that things are easier, no matter what they are (battling illness, changing your lifestyle, transitioning to new phases) if you turn them into games.

I’m looking at a lot of the many changes going on in my life as Epic Quests. Watch the talk (or just listen), check out superbetter.com, and get started on your own Epic Quest. (My bad guys are cookies and popcorn and time-sucking activities. What are yours?)