I had full intentions of blogging about preparing for my figure show(s) this year, but here is the truth: there isn’t a lot to blog about. How many times can one write about a leg workout, or about running hill sprints? Or about, I tweaked my diet a little and wow, I do love me some flax oil and raspberry-infused balsamic vinegar on my broccoli?

So, I didn’t blog about it. Instead, I just steadily and consistently worked out and steadily and consistently followed an eating plan.

Oh, hey, wow. Isn’t that what EVERYONE who seeks a healthy and fit lifestyle should be doing? Moving their bodies intentionally and eating healthy, nutritious food in appropriate quantities?

It’s not a sexy thing. It’s not all that exciting. It’s also not that time consuming or painful or difficult to do. Some days I didn’t have time to work out, and yet I did anyway. Some days I sure as heck didn’t want to work out, and I did anyway. The food part, the part everyone complains about? Well, here’s what I think about that — you need to get real about what your body NEEDS to eat and not what we’ve been culturally indoctrinated to eat. Just get over it. Eat what your body needs.

No matter what, I did the workouts and ate the foods and here I am, a couple months later, the oldest I’ve ever been (ha!) and I’m in arguably the best shape of my life.

You might not want to compete in a physique show. Heck, another truth: I’m not altogether sure why *I* even want to do it, except I’m not sure there’s another avenue for competition in the sport I happen to love.

I do know this: It’s the little, consistent things you do every day — the things that are easy to put off til tomorrow, or next week — that make make the difference. You don’t need to make a Grand Pronouncement(tm) to change your lifestyle. Just do a little something-something every day. No matter what. Those little actions will snowball, and all of a sudden: BAM!  Look at the changes you’ve made! It’s pretty cool.

It’s like this: One cheeseburger today won’t kill you. But a cheeseburger every day? Well …. maybe it won’t kill you, but it sure won’t help you.

That’s one of the things I learned from my father, and it’s being reiterated to me in some books I have been reading. It’s your little habits that are going to make the biggest differences in your life.

I’ve been thinking lots about my habits lately, and (as per happiness post below) have been changing some. It works. Give it a go and see for yourself!

What little change can you make today that will pay off in two weeks, two months, two years?