One of my classic workouts is called Booty Call. No, not that Booty Call. This is a leg workout that really works the muscles of the butt.

Some workouts are so great they deserve a name, and coming up with suitable titles for my all-star routines is one of my weird little pleasures. It’s fun.

Some of my most recent hall of fame workouts include Quadzilla, BBAC Butt Lift and Gym Domination.

They sound scary, don’t they?

That’s kind of the point. When my clients open up their programs and see a workout with a name like Quadzilla, at first they smile, and then they put on their game face and go to the gym on a mission. And when they’re done, they know they really did something: They conquered Quadzilla.

For some of us, working out is a chore. Finding little tricks — even something as silly as naming your workouts — that make it more fun is one way to help you stick with your routine. It’s one of the things Crossfit does so well. Its WODs (workout of the day) all have their own names. Every day the CF gang tackles a new one. The next time they tackle that particular workout, they try to do it a little better than they did it the time before.

I have a few more workouts in the pipeline waiting to be named. In fact, this morning I did a second run-through of a high-intensity interval training workout that I think is going to be a keeper. Important note: I am not a fan of constant more-harder-faster workouts, but sometimes you need to push your limits. This one pushed mine to the point that I wondered for a few minutes if I was going to say goodbye to my breakfast.

I’m thinking this new one is going to be called Cereal Killer. (EDITED TO ADD: Yep, that’s its name all right! Ouch.)