About Wendy


I’m a personal trainer, fitness coach, life hacker and group ex instructor. And in this picture, I’m reallyreallyreally cold because it was about 40 degrees and windy outside.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • When it comes to fitness, you’ve been there and done that.
  • You know what used to work for you, but maybe it isn’t working so much for you now.
  • You’ve been into fitness for as long as you can remember, but for some reason you’ve never quite gotten the results you were working for.
  • You’d work out even if it wasn’t good for you.
  • You don’t mind eating a cookie (chip? pizza?) every now and then. Or maybe even <gasp> drinking a glass of wine.
  • You have at least six tabs open on your browser because you’re always investigating some new piece of info (k, so maybe that’s just me).
  • You don’t want to settle for “average.”

Can you relate to any of those statements? At least a little?



Welcome, my friend! I’m glad you’ve found my website, because I’ve felt all of those things at one time or another. And I hope the info on my site can help nudge you closer to your goals, whatever they might be.

First, the nitty gritty: I’m a certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), wellness coach (Spencer Institute), group ex instructor (numerous certifications including 8 Les Mills and several others), and I also happen to be an award-winning writer and editor.

I, too, have “been there and done that.” Even though I started working out in my early 20s (long enough ago to be during the original Jane Fonda Workout/leg warmer years), it wasn’t till the last decade or so that I figured out the keys to getting the above-average results I wanted while still having a lot of fun and living a life outside the gym.

Even though I worked out almost daily in my first career — I was a journalist —  I never achieved the results I wanted till I made the jump to my second career as a fitness professional. But that doesn’t mean that YOU have to become a fitness pro to get the results YOU want.

What does it take to get those above-average results? Consistency, intensity, variety, progression and … yes … nutrition.

I can help you with all that! And hopefully keep you entertained in the process. You can sign up for my newsletter in the form to the right (or, if you’re reading this on a mobile device, down below) for tips and updates.

Want more about me? Read on.

Because I’ve been working out since the 80s, I have a special understanding of what it means to be a midlife athlete. And because I had a demanding career before becoming a fitness pro, I understand what it’s like to juggle workouts with other commitments.

I earned my first personal trainer certification in 2001 from the American Council on Exercise, which I obtained purely as a way to get out of the house/give me street cred when I was doing freelance writing. But I was hooked, and shortly after, I earned another, from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (ask me what I think about personal trainer certifications sometime. 🙂 ). I train clients online and also at Bangor-Brewer Athletic Club in Brewer, Maine.

I’ve also written extensively about fitness, including writing a book — The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Losing 20 Pounds in 2 Months Fast Track. I also wrote a weekly fitness columnist for Stars & Stripes (the U.S. military’s newspaper) and I’ve written for Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, The Washington Post, Experience Life, Prevention Books, and scads of other publications.

Been-there/done-that proof:

I’m a certified Les Mills instructor in BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyCombat, BodyVive, BodyStep, CXWORX and Sh’bam. I done/taught Zumba and boot camps. I’ve also dabbled in triathlon, road races and I’ve competed in several physique competitions. And before all that, I spent years working out in my home gym, amassing an impressive library of 100+ exercise videos.

And back when I was journalism-ing, I somehow managed to hit pretty much all arenas at one point or another: radio, newspapers, magazines, TV and online.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and how I can help you obtain your above-average goals. 🙂 Drop me a line or twitter me (links are at the tippity-top of the page) and let me know what those goals are — I’d love to hear from you!