12 ways to ruin your workout

1. Eating like crap before (including the day before).

2. Eating like crap (or worse, not eating) after your workout.

3. Spending more time at the gym talking and than you do actually doing.

4. Not working hard enough (weights = too light, inadequate intensity; cardio = meandering and slow).

5. Working too hard (weights = too heavy, too long; cardio = always doing HIIT, or too long).

6. Doing the same thing you did yesterday, last week, last year.

7. Not looking in the mirror. Check your form!

8. Not having a plan (or, if you have a plan, not giving the plan time to work, and being a program-jumper).

9. Using momentum when you lift. Slow down!

10. “Spot-toning” or focusing only on certain body parts (like abs or butt or chest).

11. Never taking a rest day.

12. Not listening to your body and always trying to outdo your last workout.


13. Waiting till tomorrow. Any of the above beats not working out at all.