Even though fitness and working out is super important, let’s face it: most of the good stuff happens outside of the gym, right?

(If you disagree, we have to have a talk, k?)

Anyway, I want to start blogging more about THAT stuff, too, because after all, we are multi-dimensional Renaissance people, yes?

Toward that end, I  have found and/or been forwarded several good reads this week, and I thought I would share them with you. Yes, some of them have to do with working out, but … oh well. There’s still that.

Here’s the thing about these posts.

Most of them have to do with getting out of your comfort zone and getting shit (sorry, I’m kind of in a mood today) done. They are about pushing you just a little bit to try new and/or different things.

Yes, even kale.

Trying new things is fun and it challenges us (see the importance of that in the first tip below).

Ready? Here we go.

356 Tips and Tricks to Make 2017 Awesome

How to Be a SuperAger

This New York Times piece outlines how to age not just well, but in a super-duper way. Basically, it’s all about getting a little uncomfortable – pushing yourself either (or both) mentally and/or physically. 

I think it’s a really interesting concept, and it actually made me push myself a little harder in the gym today during my workout.

How to Exercise 312 Times this Year

This is a no-nonsense approach – complete with cool infographic – to getting over yourself and sticking with your gym habit. It’s not written by a smartypants trainer but by a regular guy.

Which makes it even better, right?

Journal Prompts to Get You Started

Speaking of getting over yourself, I am a big believer in the power of writing to help us do just that (well, at least it helps ME get over MYSELF). It helps me figure things out in my life.

And that makes it sound like a complicated, onerous task, doesn’t it? It really isn’t, not at all. The problem is, we often don’t know what to write about.

Problem solved. This post of 31 daily journal prompts will get you started. Get out your notebook, set a timer for 15 minutes, and write. And hey, you can do it on your computer too. 😀

It’ll be kind of like that workout you didn’t want to do: Once you’re finished, you’ll be glad you did it.

Two Cues to Clean Up Your Turkish Getup

Yes. The Turkish Getup. Tony Gentilcore breaks it down, God love him. (And hey, if any of my clients see this, gimme a shoutout because … you know!) 

Why does this matter so much? Because shoulders, core, hips, and more, that’s why.

How to Make Kale Salad Tolerable

Here’s one that might be worthwhile for my kale haters to read. Kale is a superfood for a reason, but it’s also a little bitter and can be pretty tough.There’s a trick to making kale salad something to look forward to: Give it a massage! (This is not a joke.)

What are YOUR tips to Awesome?

Let me know! Send me a message, leave a comment, or whatever. 

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