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Welcome to …

Kickass fitness at every age!

The mission: to help you find your fittest, most vital life. Kickass fitness means

  • Smart, effective (fun!) training to get you the most results with the least time/effort/injury.
  • Delicious, nutritious food that tastes like more than “fuel.”
  • A strong and healthy mindset to build a balanced fitness lifestyle.

Check out the blog for workouts, recipes, insights and more …..

Results ….

You are amazing … I was in the middle of cleaning out my closet when came across an old swimsuit and had to try it on so I could decide whether to keep it or not. When I saw my legs in the mirror … selfie happened. Laura

How I feel when I get back into my favorite junior-sized Levi’s: :) 😀 :) 😀 :) 😀 Heather

Wendy made a great workout manual (in 6 Weeks to Sculpted). I lost inches and pounds!  Love these workouts. What a difference they have made in my life!!! Nancy

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